Saturday, December 8, 2007


Inspired by another family recipe blog I thought it would be cool to start a family recipe blog for our families. The Lane and Belbin families are so interwined that I decided to put them together in the one family recipe site. I was tempted to call it Betty's Family Recipes because we all know what a great cook Mom is but it's not just a site for Mom's great recipes - it's for everyone to add to.

If you have a family recipe you'd like to contribute, you can email me or post it in a comment. I will copy and paste it into a blog post and attach a label to it. The label list will then serve as a kind of index of the recipes so that it will be easy to find recipes in the different categories. Please ensure that the recipes are recipes you have actually tried, those that have become family favorites, or have been served at a family gathering. It would be great to include information about where the recipe came from, why it's a family favorite, any special times you serve it, etc.

Consider this my Christmas gift to you all - a place for us to gather as a family and share good recipes and good memories. Merry Christmas!

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