Sunday, June 1, 2008

Review of past week's menu

I think I may try writing a review of the past week's menu's on Sundays. We'll see if I actually stick to it.

Here's how I fared with the planned, or possibilities, I listed for the past week:

The Chicken Nachos, Goulash and Tacos didn't happen. I forgot to buy the lettuce and tomoatos for the tacos. We just weren't in the mood for the other two. Maybe this coming week. We'll see.

In place of the chicken nachos we had a chicken breast stir fry and rice. one again it was an experimental recipe where I just threw a bunch of stuff together. I'd post a recipe but I really don't know what I used. It's scary. I'm becoming my mother. I remember complaining to her when she did that because it made if very hard for me to get a recipe from her. :)

In place of the goulash we had another one of my experimental meals. Seems like it was almost a full week of that. I needed to use the ground beef and didn't know what to do with it. I finally decided to use it to make a mixture to throw over fries. Hmmm...what could I call the recipe? I'll have to think of a name and then I'll post it.

We never did get to BBQ the Pork Chops. It rained almost every day, so I ended up just doing them in the oven one day, and I kind of experimented with a recipe. It was a hit so I'll try to remember to post the recipe one day this week.

We did have the Shake 'n'Bake Chicken and mashed potatoes. That's a simple no brainer meal as I use a package of mashed potatoes, as DD prefers it over real mashed potatoes.

I'm in the process of cooking the Traditional Sunday cooked dinner now. I know it will be a hit.

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