Monday, May 19, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - May 19

We are now totally sick of ham! Here's a review of last week's menu:
The Linguine with Saucy Ham and Peas was a flop. DS thought it was okay but DD and I did not like it at all. It was totally tasteless. It may be because I guessed at the amount for the spices because I forgot to write down the measurements when I copied the recipe and I was too lasy to get the book out and look it up. I doubt I'll try it again to find out, but we'll see.
Because I couldn't find any perogies anywhere in town the Perogy Ham Casserole was out so I made the Cheesy Red Rice. Once again DD was not impressed. I was slightly impressed, and once again DS loved it. I think DH would like it too but he was out of town so I may make it again some time so that he can try it.
I loved the Ham Pinwheels! DD was slightly impressed and DS thought they were pretty good. I think they would make a great finger food to take out some time or to serve when friends come over for the evening. Very fast and easy to make. I will make it again.
I ended up making 2 homemade pizzas - one normal pizza meat pizza and one chicken ranch pizza. They were both yummy.
I thoroughly enjoyed my homemade baked beans. I simply followed the recipe on the package of beans. I'm really the only one in the family that loves baked beans so everyone else just endured them. :)
Everyone enjoyed our traditional Sunday cooked dinner with chicken and all the fixins.

Today I made hash with the leftovers. It was pretty good. I also made a pot of homemade chicken soup for dinner. I have a terrible head cold and I was hoping it would help.

Now on to plans for the rest of the week:

Tuesday - Russian Chicken stir fry or wrap
Wednesday - fish of some sort, probably oven deep fried
Thursday - Something with ground beef - probably lasagna
Friday - BBQ if the weather is nice, though this could be moved to the first nice day for it
Saturday - Sweet n sour chicken and rice
Sunday - traditional Sunday dinner but this time with roast

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